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I am a Licensed Aesthetician and Makeup Artist, whom since birth suffered Severely from Eczema and several forms of Dermatitis. Constant care of the skin is a must for me. Therefore I completely understand that cry for help some of us have. I also understand that desire to feel as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside. That's why I stay up to date with the latest skincare regimens and makeup trends by attending training's yearly. What your Esty does for you is Educate, provide pre & post care,Analyse, Treat your unique skin situation and prescribe a regime to follow up. We want you to look and feel your best! You must do the rest. Children are always welcome to receive services from our studio with a parent present,as many of our skin needs start in adolescence.  The Award winning Control Corrective Skincare Line we use and retail, are Synthetic Dyes, paraben, petrochemical, Triclosan, And Phthalates FREE!
Thats why our Slogan is; "Enhacing Your Inner beauty!"   You will feel your best while Enhancing your Inward Beauty,Outwardly!
Love, Your Aesthetician Mana
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